About Me - Edward Robirds

My name is Edward Robirds, and I am an artist living in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My Art

The things I create constantly evolve...from concise ideas of what to create or capture, into allowing random sequences of thoughts to take shape and letting the art create itself.

I rarely describe the meaning behind my art — I prefer my work to be wide open for interpretation. Feelings and meaning over a piece of art can evolve over time, but if I define a piece for someone with my own meaning, I might also prevent this evolution from happening and change how someone connects with the art.

Life has taught me that creating art for money or recognition goes against my nature, and this direction has always left me with feelings of self-disgust and frustration (and usually a long-lasting creative block). It took me a while to figure this out, and now I create my artwork solely for the process itself and try not to worry so much about the finished piece.

Simple beauty is everywhere.

I try to use my camera in a way that requires little or no post-processing, especially with my more abstract photos. I also try to capture candid moments and the little things that are often overlooked.

I'm currently shooting film with the Leica M6 0.72 Non TTL and the Pentax K1000, and shotting digital with the Fuji X-T10. 

Over the years, I've taken photos with anything I could get my hands on:

Apple iPhone (4, 6, 7 & 11 Pro), Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Fuji X-T10, Google Pixel (1 & 3), Kodak DC280, Leica M6 0.72 Non TTL, Leica Q2 (❤), LG VX-9700, Motorola Droid Razr M XT907, Pentax K1000, Pentax Optio I-10, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the Sony Cybershot DSCP100.

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