Taking Pictures

Simple beauty is everywhere.

My camera is my muse, and just the simple act of carrying it often forces me to look for and see moments that I might often miss. It's a pretty magical device.

I try to use my camera in a way that requires little or no post-processing, especially with my more abstract photos. I feel that "fixing" bad captures or manipulating photographs to make them more appealing in Lightroom/Photoshop makes me a lazy photographer.

My Artwork

The things I create constantly evolve...from concise ideas of what to create or capture, into allowing random sequences of thoughts to take shape and letting the art create itself.

I rarely describe the meaning behind my art — I prefer my work to be wide open for interpretation. Feelings and meaning over a piece of art can evolve over time, but if I define a piece for someone with my own meaning, I might also prevent this evolution from happening and change how someone connects with the art.

I create my artwork solely for the process itself and try not to worry so much about the finished piece.

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